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Property Monitoring

LoRa Devices – LoRaWAN

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Temperature Monitor

The Tundra reports the temperature to our BeeSecure App, and helps to prevent costly damages due to heating or cooling failures.  Set up your contacts to receive text and / or email alerts using lower and upper temperature thresholds.  


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Ultrasonic Level Monitor

Our level monitor provides accurate distance measurement for a variety of applications in harsh environments like flood monitoring, wastewater management, and fill level monitoring. The device uses ultrasonic waves transmitted and reflected back from nearby objects for its measurements.


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SmartRoom Sensor

Our SmartRoom Sensor is here to help you manage and monitor your property. Keep track of your main residence or monitor rental assets. With our solutions, you will be able to monitor temperature, humidity, light, movement, motion, shock, open/closed doors or windows, detecting leaks or other custom features. 

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Property Management and Theft Prevention.

The crime rate in Saskatchewan and its neighboring prairie provinces is on the rise. Be sure that your property and assets are safe and secure with our BeeSecure property monitoring solutions. Keep track of your main residence or monitor rental assets.

Our data monitoring devices are here to help you manage and oversee your property straight to your mobile device. With our solutions, you will be able to monitor temperature, humidity, light, movement, motion, shock, open/closed doors or windows, and even detect leaks. Our devices are compact and come with easy setup and an easy to use mobile and desktop app.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is a communication network, much like wifi or bluetooth that has the potential to provide you with a longer service range. It is however only capable to send small pieces of data which makes it perfect for data monitoring!

Before you pursue LoRa capable devices, you will need to ensure that your city or area has an available LoRaWAN network. Note that in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, Melfort and Moose Jaw have an available LoRa network that can be used by our devices. If you live outside of the LoRa covered area, you will have to purchase an additional gateway (just like a Wi-Fi router). Gateway options are available depending on the area size that you want to cover and how many devices that you want to use on the single network. Contact out team today to learn more about what solutions we can offer you!

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How it works.

Choose the device, or combination of, that will meet your property monitoring needs. View and monitor temperature, motion, door activity, tank level, and more with our BeeSecure app from any mobile or desktop device.
  • Operates on LoRa communication network
  • BeeSecure application for mobile and desktop.
  • SMS/Email alerts triggered by motion or temperature change.
  • Data and reports all in one place.

Be Sure. BeeSecure.