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Leaving vehicles unattended at a cabin or in a storage unit, leaves them susceptible to theft.

The Yabby 4G-LTE Cellular GPS Tracker, adds an extra layer of security and is great for tracking your fun, recreational assets. Remotely view the location of your expensive assets, get alerts when movement occurs and see the direction of travel. Hide the small, yet powerful, Yabby Tracker on your ATV’s, Boats, Side-by-sides, RV’s and so much more.


Our LoRa network devices allow property owners to remotely monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, location, movement, humidity, fluid levels, and more. Our solutions are designed to support owners of commercial property, property managers or private vacation home owners.

  • Check out the TUNDRA sensor for solutions related to temperature monitoring.
  • The SmartRoom sensor is great for motion, humidity and temperature.
  • Use an Ultrasonic Level Monitor for tank and fluid levels. Call us today, to learn more about how remote monitoring of your property can bring you peace of mind.
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Do you have a business or farm with lots of moving assets?

Utilize the power of a BeeSecure LoRaWAN Network to track your assets, view work patterns, ensure security, set a geofence and so much more! Easily install a LoRa Gateway within your business and add the Jag GPS Trackers to all of your equipment to be sure that your assets continue to work for you. Remotely view the location of your expensive equipment, get alerts when movement occurs and see the direction of travel.

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We know first-hand that beehive theft is a costly problem.

The Yabby 4G-LTE Cellular GPS Tracker is a small yet mighty device that is easy to install and very versatile. Use trackers on all your assets including brood boxes, forklifts, bee trucks and other expensive assets. Remotely monitor speed, direction and get alerted the moment that movement occurs. Use the device to monitor movement around the apiary or during the late summer transport season. Call us for custom solutions tailored to large apiary or pollination requirements.

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The BeeSecure Lynx LoRa Bike Tracker can be discreetly placed under a bike seat and is capable of GPS tracking, temperature data collection and can be used with our mobile application for remote monitoring. The long battery life, rugged all-weather enclosure and small size makes it perfect for use on mountain, road and commuter bicycles. Add a BeeSecure tracker to your bike to protect your ride before theft occurs, receive alerts at the first sign of movement.  


Our owners are passionate about their furry friends and can’t wait to share their peace of mind with you!

The BeeSecure Lynx LoRa Pet Tracker can be discreetly placed on your pets collar and is capable of GPS tracking, temperature data collection and can be used with our mobile application for remote monitoring. Set up a geofence with our BeeSecure app and be alerted the moment your pet goes missing. The long battery life, rugged all-weather enclosure and small size makes it perfect for use indoor or outdoor pets. Pre-order your pet tracker today and be sure of your pet can continue adventuring well into the future.


BeesecuremonitoringMonitoring for remote locations, construction sites, ag tech, or business data collection is available through our LoRa and cellular devices.  BeeSecure has several sensors available to securely monitor temperature, soil moisture, location, humidity, air quality, fluid levels, power states, and much more.  Perfect for cabin owners worried about water line freezes and intruders, through to agricultural producers monitoring soil moisture levels for your crops, our solutions are diverse and capable of being custom developed for your unique business needs.  Call us for a custom quote around your BeeSecure Monitoring needs.

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