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Ultrasonic Level Monitor – LoRa Sensor


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The Ultrasonic Depth Sensor provides highly accurate depth measurements for a variety of applications. Use this device to measure fill-levels in holding tanks of honey, oil, wastewater, and more! With up to a 10-year battery life and extreme durability, this device is perfect for outdoor and industrial use.

This device connects over the LoRa network (additional setup required).

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    The Ultrasonic Depth Sensor delivers extremely accurate depth measurements, within 1% of the detected range. Adaptable to several harsh environments, this non-contact depth level sensor is suitable for detecting the depth of corrosive and non-corrosive materials in ranges of up to 10 meters.

    Seamless integration with our dashboard allows you to gain real-time data to manage your inventory and prevent leaks, floods, spills, and more! Set up custom alerts by SMS, call, and email to prevent errors and safely monitor chemical, water, and/or agricultural resources like grains and honey.

    Additional information


    -30°C to +65°C


    15.61cm x 7.1cm x 6.95cm

    Depth Range

    0.3m to 10m


    within 1% of the detected range

    Case Enclosure

    IP67 (weatherproof, ultra-rugged, durable)
    No contact detection, safe for monitoring corrosive liquids


    DIN rail, wall, or pole

    Battery Life

    Up to 10 years

    Compatible with

    all US915 and EU868 LoRaWAN regions across North America and Europe


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