Getting Started

Getting started with BeeSecure is simple! Easily follow the four steps below. Ready to have the peace of mind of knowing where your assets are at all times?


Purchase the BeeSecure asset tracker hardware through our online store if you have not already.

Account Creation

Setup your BeeSecure account and register your first device. Note that your 30 day free trial starts from when you register an account.

Tracker Setup

Choose your purchased model below for its detailed guide.

Cellular "Oyster" Tracker

Cellular Oyster

Setup your Cellular "Oyster" Tracker for the first time.

LoRa "Oyster" Tracker

LoRa Oyster

Setup your LoRa "Oyster" Tracker for the first time.

LoRa "Guppy" Door/Movement Sensor

LoRa "Guppy" Sensor

Setup your LoRa "Guppy" tracker for the first time.

Cellular "Oyster" Tracker
LoRa "Oyster" Tracker
LoRa "Guppy" Door/Movement Sensor

Using The App

Optionally, read through our brief app user guide to learn all of the features of the BeeSecure App.

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