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BeeSecure is the best
way to track and protect
your assets

Powered by a mobile friendly web app.

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BeeSecure Assets

Getting Started


Go to the shop to purchase a tracker if you have not already.


Read this guide to setup your BeeSecure account and register your first device. Note that your 30 day free trial starts from when you register an account.
App Setup
Click one of the drop-down menus below to read our guide to power on and connect the device you purchased

Cellular 'Oyster'

Setup your cellular 'Oyster' tracker for the first time
Quick Start

LoRa 'Oyster'

Setup your LoRa 'Oyster' tracker for the first time
Quick Start

Lastly, learn to use the BeeSecure application


Optionally, read through our brief app user guide to learn all of the features of the BeeSecure app
User Guide
Please contact support@beesecure.ca for assistance