BeeSecure is the best way to track and protect your assets.

Award-winning asset tracker powered by a mobile-friendly web app.
Free GPS Tracker up front with 3 year subscription.

What Can BeeSecure Do For You?

Locate Assets

Keep an eye on your assets

Theft Recovery

Get your stolen assets back quickly


Real-time location tracking of your assets as they move

Peace of Mind

You never have to worry if your assets are safe


Avoid potentially dangerous confrontations

Looking to secure your yard, cabin, or job site?

Check out the BeeSecure yard security solution

Are your expensive assets safe?

Thefts of expensive assets are on the rise. Many people are losing thousands of dollars to theft every year, and are constantly worrying about if their things are safe.

Replacing stolen items is expensive and cumbersome, and causes downtime if you run a business.

BeeSecure is here to help. With our affordable asset tracking solution, you will never have to worry about if your assets are safe.

How it works.

Simply place our GPS tracker in anything you want to track. It’s that simple! View your asset’s location on the BeeSecure app from any device.

  • Movement activated GPS tracker (operates on any 3G cellular network worldwide)
  • BeeSecure application for computers and smart phones
  • Track and recover any asset affordably
  • SMS/Email alerts triggered by movement
  • Send the location of your stolen asset directly to law enforcement from the app

Where can you use BeeSecure?

Recreational Vehicles

“Toys” such as ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and side-by-sides often go missing in the middle of the night. You can save yourself the headache of having your toys go missing by putting a BeeSecure tracker in it. No installation necessary – the tracker can go anywhere such as under the seat, in a tool box, or anywhere else out of sight. 

Trailers and Tools

Enclosed trailers, flat deck trailers, and trailers full of tools are usually worth a lot of money – or are carrying something that is. Thieves often cut the lock off the hitch and simply drive away with the trailer, whether it be out of your yard or out of a construction site. Even if you have insurance, the costs associated of going through insurance is much higher than the cost of a BeeSecure tracker, plus the insurance companies are very slow. 

Construction and Farming 

Construction equipment is often left sitting out a job sites, and farm equipment such as tractors and trucks are often left alone outside or in a field. Stop worrying about if your equipment will be there when you come back – the BeeSecure tracker will alert you if it moves, and it is rugged enough to operate in any environment.


Any vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle – can easily be tracked with the BeeSecure tracker. No installation is required. Simply put the tracker somewhere out of site such as the glove compartment, center console, trunk, or you can be adventurous and strap the tracker underneath the vehicle or in the engine compartment. The tracker is rugged and can handle the harsh outdoor environment.

Here are a few features of the easy to use BeeSecure app

Check out all of the features of the BeeSecure app

Getting Started.


Purchase the BeeSecure asset tracker hardware through our online store.


Setup your on-line App Account, add your assets, pair each BeeSecure tracker you have to an asset you want to track. 


Receive text and email messages when your asset starts to move, follow its real-time location! Login to your app to track them on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Asset Tracker Pricing Per Device

Once BeeSecure hardware is purchased, your next step is creating an account within our app!
In-app charges will start once a device has been registered.


Month to Month


3 Year Agreement

✅ 30 day free trial from the day your account is created.

✅ 3 to 4 years of battery life with daily updates.

✅ SIM card and data costs included with the subscription.

✅ Option to pause subscription and reduce the fee to $3.99/mo

✅ Up to 100 free text message alerts per month included per device.

✅ Absolutely unlimited email message alerts.

Asset tracker hardware one time cost.

$199.99 CAD


Monthly device in-app fee.

$12.99 CAD

$19.99 CAD

30 day free trial from the day your account is created.


3 to 4 years of battery life with daily updates.


SIM card and data costs included with the subscription.


Up to 100 free text message alerts included per month per device.


Absolutely unlimited email message alerts.


Option to pause subscription and reduce the monthly fee.


In The Media

BeeSecure was the winner of the Innovation Saskatchewan Rural Crime Challenge for its asset tracking solution to help reduce rural crime in Saskatchewan.

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