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BeeSecure is the best
way to track and protect
your assets

Powered by a mobile friendly web app.

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BeeSecure Assets

What we do

locate assets

Keep an eye on your assets

theft recovery

Recover stolen assets

peace of mind

Never have to worry about if your assets are safe

public safety

Avoid potentially dangerous conflict


Track your asset in real time as it moves

How it works

Simply place our GPS tracker in anything you want to track. It’s that simple! View your asset’s location at any time from any device.

  • Movement activated GPS tracker (operates on any 3G cellular network)
  • BeeSecure application for computers and smart phones
  • Track and recover any asset affordably
  • SMS/Email alerts triggered by movement

Where can you use this?

Recreational vehicles
Trailers and mobile assets
Non-powered assets
Expensive equipment

Easy asset tracking to secure what matters most

Keeping track of everything that you find valuable is tough in this day and age. Everyone is on the go, running from home to work, appointment to appointment, with no time to relax. With all of this going on it's easy to forget that the kids were out on the ATV or your significant other was taking the truck into town. With our tracker and app, you never have to worry about your assets again!

  • GPS Tracking

    Track the real-time location of your asset, or view the current location of all of your assets...

  • Notifications

    Receive a text message or email notification when your assets are on the move. Add yourself as a contact, and optionally family, friends, or employees...

  • Event Tracking

    Your tracker sends information at predefined intervals. Information includes location, speed, direction, and temperature...

  • Asset Management

    Manage and track multiple assets. You can swap your tracker between different assets, and the location history stays with the asset...

  • Usage Monitoring

    Monitor text message usage and active asset trackers to keep your costs down, pay for actual usage!...

  • Information Sharing

    If things go missing, mark your assets as stolen. If you choose, law enforcement can be notified...

Getting started is easy

Purchase An
Asset Tracker

Purchase the BeeSecure asset tracker hardware through our online store. Buy yours now!

Setup Your
App Account

Setup your on-line App Account, add your assets, pair each BeeSecure tracker you have to an asset you want to track. See the Getting Started page for instructions

Track Your

Receive text and email messages when your asset starts to move, follow its real-time location! Login to your app to track them on mobile, tablet, or desktop.


No Download Required

To use our web app there is no software or download required. It is powered by the web and once signed up, you just have to login! Simply navigate to app.beesecure.ca. Whether mobile phones, tablets, or a desktop, you can access your asset information as long as you can connect to the internet (we do NOT support Internet Explorer, please use Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox).

You can manually add assets, asset events, and asset information without a BeeSecure device at anytime FOR FREE to help report events to Law Enforcement (coming soon).

Is our cellular asset tracker right for you?

If not, check out our other options.

BeeSecure In-App Pricing

Once BeeSecure hardware is purchased, your next step is creating an account within our app!
In-app charges will start once a device has been registered. A 30 day free trial starts from the day your account is created.

Cellular Devices

$12.99 Monthly30 Day Free Trial

3 To 4 Years Battery Life With Daily Updates
SIM Card Included
100 Free Text Message Alerts Per Paired Device
Unlimited Email Message Alerts

What are our customers saying?

  • Testimonial #1

    BeeSecure has protected my farm truck for a few months now. My wife had taken the truck to town one day while I was napping, and without initially realizing it, I thought it was stolen! It was great to be able to log in to the app, find out where the truck was instantly and have that sigh of relief....

    Jeff Shirley - Owner, Blue Heron GardensOwner, Blue Heron Gardens
    Read more

Contact for more information

BeeSecure is operated and owned by Rivercity Innovations Ltd., headquartered at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. If you have any questions or would like more information on our product, don't hesitate to reach out via email! Be sure to include your name, phone number, and area you are contacting us from so we can better assist you.

Phone: 306-986-8888
Email: [email protected]

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