BeeSecure App

Our easy to use app lets you monitor your assets from anywhere using a phone, computer, or tablet

Application Highlights

No download required! Simply navigate to on any phone or computer.


your asset’s location, speed, direction


Email/SMS alerts for theft or intruders


Doors and gates opening/closing


Alerted when entering/exiting a specific area

Device Status

View temperature and battery status

Law Enforcement

Information sharing (optional)

The app is free to use. Only pay when you add a device to your account.


Check out the many great features our app has to offer!

Asset Map

Shows the current location of all your assets and devices

Breadcrumb Map

See exactly where your GPS tracked assets have traveled. Filter by date and time.

Configurable Alerts

Set time of day and use geofences to limit false alarms.

Detailed Information

View information about your devices such as location, speed, direction, and temperature


Draw an area on the map and only be alerted if your GPS tracker exits or enters this area.

Asset Management

Manage which GPS trackers and sensors are paired with your assets

You can even have one tracker and change which asset you use it with!

Detailed Event Tracking

View a list of movement events (GPS tracker) and doors opening/closing (door sensor)

User Management

Give friends and employees their own login to your account. Various levels of permissions are available.

Notification Contacts

Add as many contacts as you want to receive text message and email notifications.

You can enable/disable text message and email notifications individually per contact.

Manually Track Assets (Free!)

No Tracker? No problem! Manually enter the coordinates of your assets. Useful for keeping track of things that you don’t want to put a tracker in.

Law Enforcement Integration

Optionally, give law enforcement access to the location of assets that you mark as stolen. Then when you call 9-1-1, they can quickly track down your asset for you.

Only available in some regions. Contact us for details.

Billing Overview

No surprise charges. Ever.

Account Usage Summary

View how active your assts have been each month.

Isn’t it time to secure your assets?

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