Oyster Cellular Asset Tracker

The Oyster is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking recreational vehicles, trailers, containers, vehicles, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

Oyster Cellular Tracker Applications

The Oyster Cellular Asset Tracker is our best selling tracker due to its vast application uses, such as the ability to operate in low temperatures and still send data with as little as one bar of cellular connection.

Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

Non-Powered Asset Tracking

Equipment Locate and Recovery

Trailers and Mobile Assets

Shipping Containers and Freight

Anchoring and Security of Assets

For a detailed look at its usage ability, visit our usage examples page.

Oyster Cellular Key Features

✅ Movement detection alert

✅ Up to 1-4 years battery life, depending on how often it is moving

✅ IP67 water and dustproof

✅ Off-the-shelf, replaceable Lithium AA batteries

✅ No install required. Simply “place and trace”

✅ -40 to +60 Celsius operating temperature

✅ Low battery alert

✅ Temperature sensor

✅ Worldwide cellular coverage

✅ Dimensions: 13.7cm x 7.2cm x 3.0cm

Works on all 3G networks in North America.

The Oyster uses any 3G cellular network worldwide to communicate with the BeeSecure application. The Oyster comes with a SIM card and data plan pre-configured, so all you need to do is power it on and you’re good to go. The product is very easy to setup and use.

By utilizing the latest technology, the Oyster can operate in ultra-low power modes, and with an incredible battery life of up to 4 years the Oyster Cellular can be attached to assets and tracked without needing to change batteries.

The weatherproof housing is rugged and UV stable, so the Oyster can be mounted on assets that are exposed to rain, dust and marine conditions. The Oyster Cellular uses 3 x AA “off the shelf” Lithium batteries.

Oyster Cellular Operations

1. Movement

When the tracker is bumped or starts to move, it will record its GPS location every 60 seconds, and send this data to the BeeSecure app every 5 minutes. This way, battery life is preserved while still getting a more accurate location history.

2. Saving GPS Location

If the tracker goes out of cellular coverage, it will save its GPS positions and send them to the BeeSecure app once back in coverage.

3. Stationary Check-Ins

When stationary, the tracker will report its GPS location, temperature, and battery status once every 24 hours. This way, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your trackers and assets are still OK.

4. Battery Life

A low battery alert will appear in the BeeSecure app if the battery is low.

Battery Life Calculator

Although any off-the-shelf AA batteries will work in this tracker, we highly recommend using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. They provide the longest battery life and are necessary for operation in extreme cold temperatures.

Hours moving per day


Days moving per week


Estimated battery life: weeks

Actual battery life varies. Poor signal conditions and temperature affect battery life.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium 3pk (AA)

  • 3 pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • Highly recommended for use with the “Oyster” GPS trackers
  • -40 to +60 Celsius temperature range
  • Ultra long life

Asset Tracker Pricing Per Device

Once BeeSecure hardware is purchased, your next step is creating an account within our app!
In-app charges will start once a device has been registered.


Month to Month


3 Year Agreement

✅ 30 day free trial from the day your account is created.

✅ 3 to 4 years of battery life with daily updates.

✅ SIM card and data costs included with the subscription.

✅ Option to pause subscription and reduce the fee to $3.99/mo

✅ Up to 100 free text message alerts per month included per device.

✅ Absolutely unlimited email message alerts.

Asset tracker hardware one time cost.

$199.99 CAD


Monthly device in-app fee.

$12.99 CAD

$19.99 CAD

30 day free trial from the day your account is created.


3 to 4 years of battery life with daily updates.


SIM card and data costs included with the subscription.


Up to 100 free text message alerts included per month per device.


Absolutely unlimited email message alerts.


Option to pause subscription and reduce the monthly fee.


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