LoRa Technology

No cellular coverage? We have a solution for that. Meet LoRa. It works much like cellular, except it uses much less power resulting in longer battery life, and it is cheaper to operate when you have many devices running on the network.

Cost Savings

Much lower monthly fees

Low Power

Long battery life

Locate Assets

Keep an eye on your assets

How LoRa Works.

LoRa devices, such as our LoRa asset trackers, communicate through LoRa gateways, much like how cell phones communicate through cell towers.

LoRa devices can communicate with a gateway up to 2 km away in urban areas, and up to 30 km in rural areas!

Where are the LoRa Gateways?

BeeSecure LoRa gateways are purchased by individuals, businesses, and organizations to provide coverage for their devices. This helps grow the community network.

If your device leaves the coverage area provided by your gateway, and enters the coverage area of someone else’s gateway, your device will start communicating through their gateway!

As more individuals and organizations purchase gateways, the larger the network becomes for everyone.

Is LoRa right for you?


Using LoRa is best in terms of a lower total cost of ownership when you have many devices. This is because you don’t need a SIM card and data plan for every device like you do with cellular! The cost of purchasing a gateway can quickly be recovered by the savings you have from using LoRa devices instead of cellular devices.


The main thing to consider is that there is not nearly as much LoRa coverage as there is cellular. This is not an issue for devices that don’t move such as our tamper/motion detector. However, the lack of coverage can be an issue for asset trackers that might move out of coverage. If your LoRa tracker moves out of LoRa coverage, you won’t receive the real-time position until it moves into an area with LoRa coverage again, such as near another organization with a BeeSecure gateway.

Although you won’t be receiving your tracker’s position during this time, you will still receive valuable information when it starts moving. You will be alerted the moment your tracker starts to move, and you will know what direction it is heading. Knowing this information can help law enforcement recover your stolen asset quickly, opposed to not knowing that your asset was stolen at all!

Why should you purchase a BeeSecure LoRa Gateway?

Personal Coverage

You will have LoRa coverage exactly where you need it

Financial Incentive

We provide financial incentives for operating a gateway. $1.00 of the monthly fee from every LoRa device on the network is distributed to the owner of the gateway(s) that the device uses. For example, if a LoRa GPS tracker uses John’s gateway 75% of the time, and Sally’s gateway 25% of the time, then John would receive $0.75 from this one device for that month, and Sally would receive $0.25.

First to Market

Be first to market. We limit the number of gateways in each area to make sure the owners of the gateway receive enough money from the nearby devices. Be the first to setup a gateway before your area is full!

BeeSecure LoRa Pricing

Once BeeSecure LoRa hardware is purchased, your next step is creating an account within our app!
In-app charges will start once a device has been registered.

LoRa Device Monthly Fee


30 day free trial from the day your account is created.


$1.00/mo per device is distributed to LoRa Gateway owners.


3 to 4 years of battery life with daily updates.


No SIM card required!


Up to 100 free text message alerts included per paired device.


Absolutely unlimited email message alerts per paired device.


Works anywhere BeeSecure LoRa coverage is available.


Interested in becoming a LoRa Gateway Owner? Feel free to browse our LoRa Gateways and contact us!

Be Safe. BeeSecure.

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