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Tektelic Macro Outdoor Gateway with Cellular Connection

Shop / LoRaWAN / Tektelic Macro Outdoor Gateway with Cellular Connection

$3,409.99 $3,068.99

  • Ideal for wide area coverage from a tower or building rooftop
  • Cellular and ethernet backhaul options available
  • 10-25 km coverage range
  • Carrier grade
  • Requires professional installation
  • Temperature range: -40 to +60
  • Power supply not included
  • $100 monthly maintenance/data fee

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Our premium carrier grade LoRaWAN gateway, this device is used as the communication backbone for our IoT devices including asset trackers, environmental data instruments (rainfall, wind, temperature, air quality, gasses, sound), soil moisture monitors, fuel tank level alerts, and other IoT devices. Range is based on install location, but with a typical high location install can cover up to 25 kilometers radius from the install location. In some cases range would be further or lower. A typical RM may require 3-5 of these to cover their entire area. Range is deprecated by large building infrastructure (i.e cities).

This device requires professional installation (extra fees apply), power (power accessories are extra and are chosen based on install type), and monthly data / service fees. Contact us to request a quote and discuss how your local municipality / county can use this hardware to provide services to you and the constituents including agtech and crime prevention.

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