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LoRaWAN “Oyster” Asset Tracker

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$149.99 $134.99

  • Motion activated GPS asset tracker
  • IP67, works outdoors and from -40 to +60 Celcius
  • Wakes up on motion, and transmits GPS location / speed / heading every 30 seconds
  • Deep sleep mode while not moving preserves battery life
  • Sends daily updates to the BeeSecure app when not moving
  • 20,000-25,000 location updates on one set of batteries (3 AA lithium batteries), or about 5-6 years of standby time – with NO RECHARGE
  • Requires LoRaWAN Gateway coverage to transmit data

200 in stock

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Our best LoRaWAN asset tracker, the Oyster is IP67 rated and works with any of our LoRaWAN gateways deployed. Battery life is exceptional, at up to 6 years on standby time, or 20,000 updates while moving (250 hours of actual tracking time while moving). Tracks GPS position, degree heading, velocity, altitude, date, and time. Use our app to map your assets and their activities, capturing detailed analysis of the movement of your assets over time. This tracker updates your app every 30 seconds when in range of a LoRaWAN gateway (see our gateways), and checks in once per day when NOT moving so you know it is still there.

LoRaWAN is significantly less expensive than cellular, but requires a LoRaWAN network from BeeSecure.

Sample uses:

  • Theft prevention and recovery of assets
  • Farm hand activity tracking
  • Palletized goods tracking
  • Speed monitoring of vehicles

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