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Cellular “Oyster” Asset Tracker

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  • Motion activated GPS tracker
  • Wakes up on motion, and records GPS points every 60 seconds. Data is uploaded to the BeeSecure app every 5 minutes
  • Deep sleep mode while not moving
  • Sends daily updates to the BeeSecure app
  • 4 years battery life with daily updates (using 3 lithium AA batteries, not included)
  • SIM card included

Available on backorder

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If you have a small number of assets moving in frequently changing locations where there is no LoRaWAN network, or want to have more consistent coverage, cellular trackers may be the choice for you. Perfect for boats, quads, or other mobile assets these trackers have long lasting batteries and offer all the same integrations to our BeeSecure App as our LoRaWAN trackers. Cellular trackers require cell coverage to work. The cellular trackers come with a pre-activated sim card (fee included in the monthly price), they are 100% ready to go for use anywhere in North America. Our cellular tracker is IP66 and works in -40 to +60 Celcius temperatures. Battery life degrades in cold weather.

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