Cellular GPS Tracker (Canada)


  • Motion activated GPS tracker
  • Connects to any 3G cellular network (4G or LTE-M models available)
  • Measures location, speed, direction, altitude, and temperature
  • Wakes up on motion, and records GPS points every 60 seconds. Data is uploaded to the BeeSecure app every 5 minutes (custom configs available)
  • Deep sleep mode while not moving
  • 2 to 3 years battery life with daily updates (using 3 lithium AA batteries, not included)
  • When out of cellular coverage, it saves all data and sends it when back in coverage
  • Powerful app includes geo-fencing, alerts, schedules, map, breadcrumb trails, event history, and much more
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If you have a small number of assets moving in frequently changing locations wherever there is cellular coverage, cellular trackers may be the choice for you. Perfect for boats, quads, or other mobile assets. These trackers have long lasting batteries so you don’t need to worry about connecting them to an external battery, and they seamlessly integrate with our BeeSecure App. To provide additional peace of mind, the tracker reports it’s position once per day, even when it isn’t moving, so you know it is still there.

The cellular trackers come with a pre-activated sim card (fee included in the monthly price), and they are 100% ready to go for use anywhere in North America. Our cellular tracker is completely weather proof (IP66) and works in -40 to +60 Celsius temperatures. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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