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Bicycle GPS Tracker with Temperature (LTE-M)


A custom designed Bike GPS Tracker with temperature data collection, uniquely engineered to prevent theft, help cities, and help the environment.  Available for LoRa, LTE-M, 3G, 4G networks. Commuting via bicycle this summer due to COVID19?  You need one of these to help protect your investment in your bike, and help cities gather GPS and temperature data to better improve bike lanes and smart city green initiatives.  ORDER NOW, DON’T PAY UNTIL IT SHIPS!

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Coming this summer, our innovative custom designed Bike GPS Tracker, uniquely engineered to prevent theft, help cities, and help the environment:


  • GPS Tracking, with velocity, compass heading, altitude
  • Temperature tracking of ambient air for micro climate data
  • Theft prevention – Motion activated alerts to you and your contacts via text and email
  • Geofencing – only receive alerts if the tracker leaves an area, or enters an area
  • Battery powered, lasts up to 5 years with once daily check-ins, or about 20,000 GPS position reports for more typical bike use
  • works from -40C to +60C – ready for northern climate weather!
  • Convenient hidden installation location – designed specifically with bikes and bike user habits in mind
  • Available in LoRa, LTE-M, 3G, 4G
  • Available in North American LoRa and Europe LoRa
  • Can be configured for Things Network or your own LoRa network
  • Convenient mobile app for iOS and Android, web app for all other devices with a browser
  • Check with your local insurance firms, many offer discounted premiums if you use a security device

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  1. Theft Prevention, route tracking, and weather information for bicycle owners
  2. GPS heat maps, traffic patterns, and data useful for bike lane studies and planning at municipal government levels
  3. Micro-climate temperature data for municipal governments and eco studies – use for your green projects and better understanding climate change in your city

ATTENTION CITIES WITH LORA NETWORKS: Please contact us so we can provision our Bike GPS trackers for your LoRa network, provide you with API’s to collect the temperature and GPS data to help your Smart City initiatives, and help you provide safe, efficient bike environments for your residents.

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